Body Butter / Lavender Blackberry Vanilla

Red Fern

$ 12.00 


Full of fruit with a hint of lavender and vanilla. Very thick, creamy butter that leaves your skin conditioned and smooth as silk. Enjoy.

This scent is for my mom, Jerrie. She raised blackberries which all affectionately called Jerrie's Berries. Lunenburg Lavender will donate 100% of the profit from this special product to Alzheimer's Research in her honor.💜

Body Butters are 100% hand formulated. We offer several delicious scents so we are sure to have a favorite. 

All body butters contain purified water, coconut oil, sunflower oil, cocoa butter, olive oil and emulsifying wax, glyceryl, shea butter, jojoba oil cetyl alcohol plus essential oils and/or fragrance oils.

4 oz. Jar